Student Finance Assistance Scheme
■ Scholarship—for excellent students to stimulate their potential.
■ Financial Aid—for students with financial difficulties to finish their studies.
■ Peiyang Fellowship---for excellent students with financial difficulties to call for self-improvement.
■ Fund for Overseas Experience Program—encouraging students to get involved in international exchange so as to broaden their horizon and advertise the university.
■ Fund for Student Health—focusing on the healthy growth of students.
Faculty Development Scheme
■ Award for outstanding teachers with teaching achievements.
■ Fund for Talent Recruitment---absorbing first-class talents for the university’s prosperity.
■ Fund for Overseas Research and Studies—promoting faculty development in global environment.
■ Fund for Academic Publications ----advertising academic achievements and upgrading academic standards.
Campus Culture Scheme
■ Fund for Students’ Art Education---encouraging students to get involved in art education and enriching campus culture.
■ Fund for Students’ Societies—proposing the application of theory into practice and strengthening students’ hands-on ability.
■ Fund for Students’ Scientific and Technological Activities—advocating innovation and practice.
■ Fund for Peiyang Lectures—developing wisdom by listening to celebrities in every walk of life.
■ Fund for Sport Activities-- contributing to better health.
■ Fund for Student Carve-out—encouraging carve-out to promote employment.
Alumni events (University’s anniversary) Scheme
■ Fund for the university’s anniversary events
    >>1895 Alumni Fund
■ Fund for Alumni Memorial—alumni tree, alumni garden, etc.
University Development Scheme
■ Fund for the capital construction of the university— campus infrastructure, new campus, named buildings etc.
■ Fund for teaching and research--named labs, research centers, etc.
■ Fund for academic school development—supporting the development of academic schools and departments.
■ Tianjin University Development Fund—receiving all kinds of donations to support the university’s development.